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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Siding With Satan's Minions, Over God's Chosen

Throughout history there have been many who could be considered minions of the evil one, but none have so consistently done Satan's bidding as those of the Muslim faith. From the moment Muhammad created a religion to gain followers, that religion has had one goal, to conquer the world at any means possible. God warned the world of such a threat when he told Sarai's maid, Hagar, some 4500 years ago:
"Behold, you are with child, And you will bear a son; And you shall call his name Ishmael, Because the LORD has given heed to your affliction. He will be a wild donkey of a man, His hand will be against everyone, And everyone's hand will be against him; And he will live to the east of all his brothers." Genesis 6:11-12
Today that child's descendants are the Arab people who follow the religion of Islam, and who have targeted for destruction the rest of the world. From country to country the actions of Ishmael's descendants have left death, mayhem, and destruction in their wake. Their plan is to destabilize once thriving nations so they can move in and assume control. Once in control they put Shariah law in place.
Shariah is based on the Quran, which Muslims believe is the “uncreated” word of Allah as dictated to the prophet Mohammed; hadiths, the sayings of Mohammed; and agreed interpretations by Islamic scholars. Shariah commands that Muslims carry out jihad indefinitely until the Dar al-Harb, or House of War, where shariah is not enforced, is brought under the domination of the Dar al Islam, or House of Islam (literally the House of Submission), where shariah is enforced.
There are many Islamic groups which are involved in this holy war against the world, and while many often hear of Al-Qaeda, one group that is even more dangerous is the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood is Egypt's oldest and largest Islamist organization. It was begun by a 22-year-old elementary school teacher, THasan al-Banna, following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the subsequent ban of the caliphate system of government that had united the Muslims for hundreds of years. Al-Banna believed that Islam was not only a religious observance, but a comprehensive way of life that based upon Shariah law. In his teachings, he replaced the traditional Islamic education for the Society's male students with jihadia training.

The recent uprisings in the Middle East are a direct result of what the Muslim Brotherhood has been working towards for years. They first struck out against the government in 1948 when they assassinated the Prime Minister of Egypt, Mahmud Fahmi Nokrashi in 1948. Then in 1954 they attempted to assassinate then Egyptian President Nasser. A few years after signing a peace agreement with Israel they assassinated Anwar-as-Sadat in 1981. As things stand today, the Muslim Brotherhood is in the best position to assume control in Egypt. This is largely due to the void left by President Mubarak's forced resignation, and the political power struggles currently going on in the government. However, the Brotherhood only enjoys about 25 or 30 percent support from the people, so they have been looking for a powerful alie to help make them a legitimate entity around the world. It is that all important part of their plan that Obama has now given them.
Ever since he became president, Obama has been bowing down to Muslim leaders around the world, while threatening America's number one allie, Israel.  Now he is doing something that will help his number one allie assume the pinnacle of their dreams. It is this move by Obama that Frank Gaffney has written an excellent article about. In my estimation, Obama is attempting to tip the balance of power in the region of the world that Christ himself has told us will become the center of attention in the end times to the Muslim Brotherhood. It is a move that many will see as evidence that dispensationalism is the correct interpretation of biblical eschatology.
The Obama administration chose the eve of the holiday marking our Nation's birth to acknowledge publicly behavior in which it has long been stealthily engaged to the United States' extreme detriment: Its officials now admit that they are embracing the Muslim Brotherhood (MB or Ikhwan in Arabic). That would be the same international Islamist organization that has the destruction of the United States, Israel and all other parts of the Free World as its explicit objective.
On Thursday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton tried to downplay the momentousness of this major policy shift by portraying it during a stopover in Budapest as follows: "The Obama administration is continuing the approach of limited contacts with the Muslim Brotherhood that have existed on and off for about five or six years." In fact, as former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy points out in a characteristically brilliant, and scathing, dissection of this announcement, Team Obama's official, open legitimation of the Brotherhood marks a dramatic break from the U.S. government's historical refusal to deal formally with the Ikhwan.
To understand why the Obama administration's embrace of the Muslim Brotherhood is so ominous, consider three insights into the organization's nature and ambitions:
First, here's the MB's creed: "Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope." (Source: Husain Haqqani and Hillel Fradkin, "Islamist Parties: Going Back to the Origins.")
Second, here's the Ikwhan's mission in America:
"A kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within, sabotaging its miserable house with their [i.e., Americans'] hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's religion is made victorious over all other religions." (Source: Muslim Brotherhood's "Explanatory Memorandum on the General Strategic Goals of the Group," entered into evidence by the Department of Justice in the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terrorism-finance trial. Archived at the NEFA Foundation.
Third, here are excerpts from the Muslim Brotherhood's "phased plan" for accomplishing that mission:
Phase One: Discreet and secret establishment of leadership.
Phase Two: Phase of gradual appearance on the public scene and exercising and utilizing various public activities. It greatly succeeded in implementing this stage. It also succeeded in achieving a great deal of its important goals, such as infiltrating various sectors of the Government.
Phase Three: Escalation phase, prior to conflict and confrontation with the rulers, through utilizing mass media. Currently in progress.
Phase Four: Open public confrontation with the Government through exercising the political pressure approach. It is aggressively implementing the above-mentioned approach. Training on the use of weapons domestically and overseas in anticipation of zero-hour. It has noticeable activities in this regard.
Phase Five: Seizing power to establish their Islamic Nation under which all parties and Islamic groups are united. (Source: Undated Muslim Brotherhood Paper entitled, "Phases of the World Underground Movement Plan." Archived at Shariah: The Threat to America.)
(Excerpt) Read more at Jewish World Review

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