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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Islam's Continuing Assualt on America Includes Reaching Disenfranchised Men

(Adam Gadahn, American born al-Qaeda member)
    It is of little surprise anymore that the religion of Islam has declared war on world, especially the West. Regardless of the reasons they give for their hatred for us, the truth is their very holy book, the Qur'an calls for them to wage war against non believers of Allah. As we have seen, regardless of the times our leaders have appeased their demands, they continue to attack and infiltrate us from within.
    A quick scan of the headlines everyday will show how they attack us, but they way they are infiltrating our culture is more insidious than many would realize. Islam is beginning to win more and more Western men over to their ways by giving them something they yearn. Something our culture is taking away from men that they need to feel whole and worthwhile. What Islam offers men is a sense of direction without taking away their manliness, and appealing to their basic instinct that the liberalization and feminization of our culture is just wrong.
    This is the first of a three part report on Islam and how it has been able to persuade so many men in the West to pledge their allegiance to the false god of Islam, Allah. My first example of what makes Western men an easy target for Islam will be the American born Muslim terrorist sympathizer, Adam Gadahn. Adam is an excellent example of so many men in the West who are looking for answers to their spiritual questions. Unfortunately, too many times the Christianity young men are confronted with just reflects the very culture they are being turned off by. When Christians do not offer a contrast to the world they live in, then the world will begin changing them instead of them changing he world. That is what is going on in the West.